Getting Started: How It Works

Pay only when you’ve collected your goods from the supplier. Make a post-advance payment with interest into your pay-on-delivery (cash-on-delivery) digital account. Release payment electronically to the supplier once you’ve received the order in your area. Buy together with other shoppers and spend 90% less. Discover brands and products. Signup for a pay-on-delivery account now to start shopping online without stress. Sign up for a free account

Shop thousands of popular brands and suppliers online from both international and local markets. Get everything you have ever wanted without payment.
We'll review your order. Check your email for a newly generated invoice to deposit into your pay-on-delivery account via mobile/bank transfer.
Release payment to the supplier once the order arrives your region or destination. If the supplier fails to deliver, the order will be canceled and refunded back to you instantly.
Get rewards and free gifts. You will be rewarded with upto 90% discount code when next you want to make a purchase from a supplier through Pooppay.
Signup to withdraw your cash within 24 hours if you just changed your mind after making an order. Record cash released to suppliers: Create a free account

Pay cash-on-delivery anywhere. Now from your mobile phone or computer.

We're continually working on our cash-on-delivery technology to give our users the best and smooth experience to transact with cash while shopping anytime and no matter where they are.

Our integration partners

We work with the world's most popular and trusted companies so that you can enjoy a safe shopping experience and fast delivery.